Cooper Edits

An engineer’s toolkit to meet structural challenges, and a poet’s eyes to find the words.


It’s amazing that you’ve pulled a string of ideas from an infinite pool of words and strung them together to build a story that is yours. It’s courageous that you want somebody else to read it. It’s terrifying to hand it over to an editor.

But you can do it. Because you want your work to be the best, most effective work you can create in this moment.

One of the things I love most about working with Mark is the way he challenges me to dig deeper into every scene and bring out the kinds of emotions that keep readers turning the pages. I have learned a lot from working with Mark, and highly recommend him as the kind of editor who can help you grow and make your work shine.

Chris Patchell
Author of ‘Deadly Lies’, ‘In the Dark’ and ‘Deception Bay’